On the Road

A look that always works! This season, dark navy forms a perfect symbiotic relationship with light grey, which creates a look that is clean-cut yet also casual. An unusual extra feature is the practical integrated bag that allows the jacket to be stowed away in an instant. For all those who love travelling and want to be flexible at all times.

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  • The super light AIRSERIES blouson is the perfect travel accessory and can be stored away in the integrated bag in an instant
  • Cool cotton is a fabric that feels super comfortable and light on the skin and turns a polo shirt into a favourite piece
  • This season, denims also come in light shades that create a nice contrast to dark navy
  • Nubuck leather ensures that the belt is durable and creates an unusual look with fine stripes
  • Sneakers in matching colours are simply always the right choice and add a casual, athletic character to the look

The Outfit

  • A stylish combination for your perfect look

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