Polo shirt in dark blue

Polo-Shirt in Dunkelblau

This polo shirt made from high-quality Premium Cotton features not only incredible wearing comfort, but also a stylish look. The micro-print button-down shirt collar adds a distinctive, classy character. This little extra makes the polo shirt into a perfect alternative to traditional button-downs. Wear it with a suit for a relaxed, high-fashion look. Don't forget to add an accessory, like a handkerchief or leather belt.

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  • regular-fit polo shirt made from premium quality cotton for an incredibly comfortable fit
  • dress-shirt collar with fine micro-print and light contrasting collar stand
  • short button row with three small buttons and bright contrasting fabric underneath
  • elastic, fine-ribbed cuffs on sleeve hem
  • hem slits on the sides with small bugatti emblem on the hem
Polo shirt in blue
Polo shirt in dark blue
Polo shirt in dark blue
Polo shirt in dark blue