Sandals in silver

Sandale in Silber

There are three keys to choosing good sandals: first, they have to look good, of course. Then, they have to be light and breezy, so they are a perfect match for warm summer days. And they have to be comfortable so you can walk in them all day long. If you're looking for new summer footwear, look no further than these sandals. Style tip: Even when the weather turns cold, there's no need to put your favourite sandals in the closet. For a trendy look, wear them together with a pair of fluffy cotton socks.

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  • super-light and very comfortable sandal in a cool metallic look
  • with Genial Light and Soft design for top comfort
  • two wide front straps with a heel strap for optimum grip
  • metallic bugatti imprint on one side of the shoe
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