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Shirt in grey

Shirt in Grau

This elegant shirt is bursting with beautiful details. The front section is made of pure viscose, emblazoned with an Oriental print in harmonious colours. The sleeves and back, which is a bit longer than the front, feature a delicate silver shimmer. This is a charming all-rounder for many different occasions.

30 Grad Pflegeleicht Nicht bleichen Nicht im Trommeltrockner trocknen Nicht heiß bügeln Schonende professionelle Nassreinigung
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  • Crew-neck shirt made from blended fabric
  • 2/3 sleeves
  • with an Oriental print on the front
  • silver shimmers on the sleeves and back
  • cut longer in the back
Sweatshirt in dark blue
Sweatshirt in light grey
Sweatshirt in pink
Shirt in grey