bugatti dares to be different in the coming autumn and winter.

With innovative ideas and fashionable designs that are bang on trend in all segments, it encourages men to be more daring when it comes to their outfit styles. The message is: Free yourself from uniform looks; emphasize your type with customized outfits. bugatti gives you plenty of new ideas to make it possible.

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Fascinating Europe

Vienna is Austria’s capital and also one of the nine Austrian federal states. With its more than 1.8 million inhabitants, Vienna is the seventh-largest city in the European Union and the second-largest in the German-speaking countries. It is situated by the Danube and at the foot of the Alps. In the 19th century, at the time of the Austrian Empire, Vienna grew into Europe’s cultural and political centre. 

Vienna is living history. Today, Vienna is characterized by the fact that it has managed to bridge the gap between history and modernity - coupled with the famous Viennese charm, this results in an inimitable mix that is worth more than just one visit. There are interesting and exciting stories to tell about each of the locations which bugatti visits and is privileged to experience on its travels through Europe. We are sharing some of the best with you here.