Business outfit – do’s and don’ts

  • Author Leonie Riek
  • Kategorie
  • Published 20. Jul 2022

What kind of outfit is considered suitable business wear?

The answer to the question of how to dress “correctly” for the office differs depending on the industry you work in. In the creative industries, dress codes tend to be quite relaxed.

However, if you work for an insurance company or a bank, the expected dress code will be classic/conservative.

The occasion also dictates the outfit that should be worn. Is it just a “normal” day at the office, do you have an important meeting with your boss or business partners, are you going on a business trip or are you going to a business dinner in the evening?

Accordingly, there are no general rules that always apply to business fashion. Sometimes, a fashionable leather jacket can be just as suitable for the office as a navy suit jacket. It depends on the respective accepted dress code.