Old school was yesterday - modern looking knitted jumpers

Old school was yesterday – modern looking knitted jumpers

Many people find the transition from summer to autumn quite difficult. Summery looking shirts and light suit jackets are replaced by jumpers, scarves and warm jackets. It seems like only a minute ago that we were sipping a drink at the beach bar; now we immediately have to don a Scandinavian-style jumper to protect us from the biting autumn winds? There is nothing we can do about the changing seasons; however, the colder time of the year does not necessarily have to be bleak. Autumn has long since ceased to be the season of scratchy materials and frumpy old-fashioned outfits. Instead, we prefer to wear cosy shades, modern cuts and soft fabrics.

Whether you are looking for a business, casual or daily outfit, one aspect is a must-have this autumn: knitted jumpers, rustic patterns and cardigans. The Scandinavian style is also fashionable in other countries, and combines attractive fashion with striking materials and patterns. Clothing should above all be comfortable yet still have that certain something. Our autumn style is as multi-faceted as the season itself.

If I’m going out in the world, I should make everything look as good as it can by looking my best, it’s a show of respect.

-Tom Ford