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  • Published 19. Apr 2023

Everyone knows them, everyone loves them and they are always a good choice: We are talking about men's shirts.

If you think that the only aspects you need to pay attention to when choosing a shirt are the fabric's colour and pattern, think again, as only a shirt with a perfect fit will emphasise your "good bits" whilst also hiding smaller problem areas. To keep you from worrying about this on your next shopping trip, we are telling you everything you need to know about shirt fits and cuts to ensure that your next shirt is a "perfect match".

The shirt can not only look back on a turbulent but above all a long history. Initially, a shirt was simply a plain garment that covered the upper body. Later on, a shirt, or undershirt, was only worn underneath other garments. Shirts as such did not become fashionable again until the 16th century. A button through front made it easy to put the garment on or take it off.

This was the start of the shirt as we know it, a garment that has faithfully stayed with us throughout all fashion eras.

What are the different fits, and which one is right for you?

There is a wide range of shirt fits and cuts that take the various body types into account. We introduce you to the four most common forms here, and explain who they are suitable for.

Regular fit – the comfortable shirt for everyone

Regular fit means that the shirt offers plenty of room to move comfortably. The loose cut makes this shirt style also suitable for more heavyset men and always flatters the figure.

Super slim fit – the shirt for exercise fans and athletes

Men who exercise regularly can also emphasise their well-toned muscles at work; there is a particular fit designed especially for athletic bodies. These designs are cut wider around the shoulders, arms and chest to ensure that those muscles have plenty of room to move. The cut tapers towards the waist.

Slim fit – the tailored shirt

Slim fit shirts are the super slim fit shirt's closest relative. Again, the focus is on a tailored waist, although you don't necessarily have need a wide chest. In short: The shirt for all men with a slender body.

Modern fit – the all-rounder

The modern fit also focuses on creating a slim silhouette, but successfully hides smaller problem areas as it is not as close-fitting as its tailored predecessors.

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