Pool-side eye-catchers - holiday shorts and tops

Pool-side eye-catchers - holiday shorts and tops

I need a holiday! A lot of you are probably thinking just that! Summer is already here and anyone that can look forward to swapping the meeting room for a beach bar soon is probably already silently wondering what to pack. What will be your summer outfit once you’ve taken a dip in the pool? We have already had a quick look at this season’s beach bar trends and know exactly what you should take and what you’ll be better advised to leave at home.

You should consider your summer outfits carefully before you actually pack them in your suitcase. What could you wear with what to create combinations that are suitable for the beach, the bar and also a visit to a restaurant or a beach party without looking too much like a stereotypical tourist?

We recommend a mix of cool pool-side outfits and stylish party looks. Pack the kind of tops that can be worn at different times of the day. You can wear an understated polo shirt or a loose top on the way to the beach with your swimming trunks and also to a beach bar for a snack in the afternoon. Combine a polo shirt casually with a pair of jeans and cool slip-ons and you have the perfect evening outfit – you’re ready to party!

If I’m going out in the world, I should make everything look as good as it can by looking my best, it’s a show of respect.

-Tom Ford