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  • Published 19. Apr 2023

Jeans have been a well-loved item of clothing for many years. They are practical, comfortable and easy to combine with other pieces.

But not all jeans are the same. There are not only different qualities, colours and washes, but a range of cuts, too.

Slim-cut jeans are particularly popular at present. But what is the meaning behind slim jeans? What makes them different from regular or comfort jeans? And for whom is which fit suitable? We’ll try to answer these questions below.

Slim/modern jeans – figure-hugging jeans

Slim jeans have a figure-hugging, narrow leg and are therefore more suitable for slimmer people. There are two cuts: slim fit (skin-tight) and modern fit (narrow). The “slim jeans” category can be further divided into the particularly narrow skinny jeans and drainpipe jeans.

Regular jeans – a classic among men’s jeans

With regular (normal) jeans, you’re (almost) always on the right track. These jeans with a straight leg – which are neither too tight nor too wide – are very comfortable to wear.

They are suitable for almost any figure. Only very skinny or portly men would be better off opting for slim or comfort jeans respectively.

Choose suitable tops depending on the occasion (e.g. long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt) and pair with sporty to elegant shoes. This means you can wear your regular jeans for leisure, at a celebratory event or in the office.

Standard-cut jeans can really be used anywhere.

Comfort jeans – the comfortable choice

Comfort jeans are cut casually. This shape of jeans with a loose-fitting leg and waist size is comfortable to wear. The looser fit is perfectly suited to slightly larger figures.

Bootcut – cowboys’ trousers

These jeans – which are generally cut normally to offer a comfortable fit – have a slightly flared leg. Thanks to the wider leg, these jeans were originally loved by American cowboys since they fitted well over boots.

However, slightly larger people should ensure they don’t buy bootcut jeans that are too tight. This would mean the figure-friendly trousers don’t actually conceal any problem areas.

The meaning of slim jeans compared with skinny jeans and drainpipe jeans

All three fits are characterised by a narrow leg. But there are significant differences between the cuts.

Skinny jeans are the jeans with the tightest cut. They sit like a second skin. For anyone who isn’t exactly slim and has powerful calves and thighs, this fit is best avoided. Since skinny jeans ruthlessly emphasise body shapes, men’s skinny jeans should be cut a little wider in the crotch.

Drainpipe jeans are not cut as skin-tight as skinny jeans. The trouser legs look like a pipe and are also very tight.

While slim jeans are also very figure-hugging and slim cut, they still leave a little air between body and fabric. In particular, they’re not as tight around the calves and ankles as skinny jeans. They therefore don’t really feel like a second skin.

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