The Bermuda Triangle - how to find the right Bermudas for the summer without getting lost

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  • Author Leonie Riek
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  • Published 19. Apr 2023

The sun is shining and the temperatures keep rising. But what does a fashionable man wear in the hot temperatures?

Bermudas are still known by many from the past, when they were the IT piece of all. Since summer 2019 they are back and enjoy this year more attention than ever. Airy legroom meets formal chic. Thus, the Bermuda is the perfect all-rounder for your closet. Even more, it's perfect for those hot days when you just don't want to wear so much fabric. Extremely wide and longer cut shorts that are littered with pockets can thus be safely disposed of, because the Bermudas have come to stay.

How to combine the perfect outfit around the new Bermuda pants and even make them suitable for business, we want to show you.

Conclusion: Bermudas are the perfect summer trousers

Whether at the office, on the beach or in the city – with Bermudas, you're always perfectly dressed in the summer. They can be worn with a wide range of tops, so ideally, everyone should own a pair. Depending on which type of Bermudas you chose, you can impress with a completely different style. They also flatter women, for whom they are now also increasingly available in skintight versions. bugatti sells Bermuda shorts in a wide range of different colours, so you can give your imagination free rein this summer.

Auch Damen steht sie super: Für sie gibt es die Hosen nun auch vermehrt in hautengem Schnitt. Bei bugatti findest du Bermudahosen in verschiedensten Farben, sodass du dich im Sommer voll und ganz austoben kannst.

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