The right jacket on top of a suit: what's the choice of outerwear?

  • Author Leonie Riek
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  • Published 19. Apr 2023

"I´ve worn a suit and tie for most of my life. And I believe (for me), it makes me more confident navigating the world."

Tim Gunn

However, you can avoid all of this by following our tips for cleaning a suit yourself, which is quicker, saves money and is also less hassle, provided you do it the right way. Of course, cleaning a suit yourself always harbours certain risks, but it is nevertheless possible to clean your suit at home in your own washing machine.

If you keep to a few important rules, it shouldn’t be a problem. It is possible to clean your suit jacket and trousers and to make them presentable again without resorting to having them professionally dry cleaned.

A fashionable duffle coat also goes well with a suit. However, care must be taken with the design, which has to perfectly match the suit as an old-fashioned wool duffle coat can look frumpy. A coat with modern details, on the other hand, is also suitable for formal occasions.

A so-called duster coat is a practical choice for men to wear on top of a suit jacket. These straight-cut coats are generally considered indestructible and a timeless, classic choice. As this design does not have a lapel collar but merely a small rounded collar, it is an inconspicuous choice.

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