Tying your tie – perfect knot, correct length

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  • Published 19. Apr 2023

A tie is one of the most important accessories for men.. It stylishly completes numerous outfits as an impressive premium accessory. However, a sophisticated tie only looks good if it has been tied correctly.

Learn in our brief tutorial how to tie your tie properly in future!

How to tie the most important tie knots

Did you know that there are more than 200 different tie knots? To make sure that you know how to tie your tie properly and to your satisfaction, you should first have a look at some of them. We introduce the most common tie knots, including instructions on how to tie them properly.

The right length – what's important?

A well-tied tie is only the perfect finishing touch for your outfit if it is neither too short nor too long. To make sure that you choose the correct length right from the start, you should keep the following basic rules in mind:

  • The wide, front end always covers the narrower end. When the tie is tied correctly, the narrow end is invisible. Good accessories feature loops for this purpose that keep the tie in place.

  • The tip of stylish ties of all types reaches down to the belt and no further.

The perfect knot for every occasion

A tie must match the respective occasion. We therefore show you which knot guarantees a stylish look for professional as well as private functions.

The right knot for casual events

Even if you are "only" attending a casual event, you don't have to forego a tie.

With a plain tie with a subtle texture tied in a Four-in-Hand or an Oriental Knot, you'll look casual, and not overdressed.

Double Windsor Knot for festive occasions

An elegant Windsor Knot is the perfect choice for festive occasions. Overall, it requires more fabric and a greater tie length than simple knots. Combine it with a shirt with a Kent or a cutaway collar for the perfect, confident and serious business look.

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