What to wear with brown shoes – tips and suggestions

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  • Published 19. Apr 2023

No brown in town" or "no brown after six". Do these sayings still apply nowadays? We are investigating the matter further!

For many years, brown shoes were definitely only considered leisure time wear for men, even though brown shoes can actually look quite elegant. The Italians, for example, have already successfully worn brown shoes in business for ages. We have finally also started to follow this fashion trend in this country, and brown shoes are becoming increasingly popular.

We show you what to wear with brown shoes and when you should maybe refrain from wearing shoes in this trendy colour.

The matter should be approached with care

The shade of brown of your shoes should definitely match the rest of your outfit. Time for some careful consideration.

Dark brown shoes look particularly good with dark navy trousers. If you are wearing a grey suit, a chartreuse coloured pair of shoes will go particularly well with your suit. Brown boots , on the other hand, go perfectly with a pair of jeans.

For a stylish look, wear a tie or pocket square in the same shade as your brown shoes. You should also wear a brown belt.

Black suit and brown shoes?

The answer to this question is a loud and resounding no! The etiquette says that you should definitely avoid wearing brown shoes with a black suit. Even these days, a black suit must always be combined with classic black shoes as well as a black belt.

You should also avoid wearing brown shoes with black trousers or jackets on occasions when the dress code is slightly less formal, for example "casual business".

Ultimately, which combination you opt for is a matter of personal taste. The occasion also dictates the dress code, of course. You are bound to choose a different combination for a business outfit than you would for an informal occasion.

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Zu einem schwarzen Anzug gehören heutzutage immer noch klassische, schwarze Schuhe und auch ein schwarzer Gürtel.

Auch für einen weniger formellen Dresscodes wie bspw. Business Casual solltest du es vermeiden, braune Schuhe zu schwarzen Hosen oder Jacken zu tragen.

Für welche Kombination du dich letztendlich entscheidest, bleibt deinem persönlichen Geschmack überlassen. Entscheidend ist natürlich auch der Anlass. Im Business wirst du sicher eine andere Kombination wählen als im Casual-Bereich.

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