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t-shirt in green

T-Shirt in Grün

There's no such thing as too much summer! Airy lightweight knit fabric that nestles against the skin, delicate, devoré-style embellishments, tropical plants and flowers that glow with cheerful flamingos and lettering that proclaims it in bright pink sequins: Summer!

30 Grad Pflegeleicht Nicht bleichen Nicht im Wäschetrockner trocknen Nicht heiß bügeln Chemische Reinigung Nassreinigung
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  • summery short-sleeved shirt
  • devoré-style embellishments
  • floral print
  • lettering in pink sequins
  • small cuff on the sleeves
Shirt in dark blue
t-shirt in light grey
Shirt in grey
Sweatshirt in dark blue