Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann and Margot Brinkmann
Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann and Margot Brinkmann
Friedrich W. Brinkmann | the founder of the brinkmann group
Friedrich W. Brinkmann | the founder of the brinkmann group

After returning home from the war badly wounded, Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann, born on 8 June 1920 in Exter, East Westphalia, set up a company 1947 making bespoke collections for ladies’ and men’s clothing, and this grew into the Brinkmann Group. 


Everything started in Löhne

Throughout the years, as it developed into one of the leading menswear companies in Europe, his wife Margot was always at his side.Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann died on 24 September 1994, Margot Brinkmann on 4 March 2003.


On 1 Januar a collection of ready to wear clothing for ladies and gents on CMT basis is founded by Friedrich W. Brinkmann in Löhne near Herford. Only one year later the first collection with coats and trousers enters the market..


The company has grown to more than 100 employees. More space is needed and the company moves to Bad Oeynhausen.

In Löhne fing es an...

Everything started in Löhne...

Die erste Bügelei

Die erste Bügelei

Der erste Zuschnitt

Der erste Zuschnitt

Die erste Präsentation auf der Messe Köln 1953


The company now has 260 employees and arrives at its current location in Herford, moving into the newly built office building on Hansastrasse in 1954.


Brinkmann takes over the retail store Roland in Bremen, a shop for ladies- and menswear, today still one of the leading shop for high-quality outerwear in the north German city.


The company Brinkmann Lord Italia SRL is established in Pergine, near Trento, as a workshop and sales office for the Italian market. Production and distribution grow at a fast rate. Italy soon becomes the most important export market.


The takeover of Wilhelm Blicker, specialized gents coat factory in Karlsruhe. After the foundation in 1919 Messrs. Blicker became a specialist for overcoats, gabardine coats and trench coats with the label Blico, and in 1933 the company was the biggest factory for gents’ coats in Germany, with a daily production of 1,500 pieces.


Launch of the bugatti brand.

The Company

is growing...


Takeover and new foundation of Odermark Bekleidungswerke in Goslar, a traditional clothing company, which was founded in 1874 in Stettin and moved to Goslar in 1945.


Klaus and Wolfgang Brinkmann – together with their father – take over the management of the company group.


Takeover and new foundation of Pikeur riding fashion. In 1957 Pikeur was founded as the first riding clothes company for industrial riding fashion. In 1977 the company was joined by Eskadron as a riding outfitter. Today Pikeur is the market leader for high-quality riding clothing worldwide.


Brinkmann takes over the majority of shares in Messrs. Wilvorst, Northeim, a specialist for gents clothing, founded in Stettin in 1916 and moved to Northeim in 1949. Today Wilvorst is a specialist and market leader for evening and formal wear.

...and performing well


Following the death of founder Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann on 24 September 1994, his sons Wolfgang and Klaus take over all management duties at the company.

Friedrich W. Brinkmann erhält das grosse Verdienstkreuz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland


The atelier torino brand is acquired from Herrenkleiderfabrik Konen, Munich, and since then distributed by Odermark, Goslar.


The Großostheim-based firm Eduard Dressler taken over and reincorporated. Founded in 1929 by Eduard Dressler as a specialist in high-quality suits, sports jackets, trousers and coats. Now the market leader for modern business clothing with a sartorial standard of quality. 


The labels Corpus Line and atelier torino will become integrated into Wilvorst and the Daks licence will be taken over by Eduard Dressler. A new administration building for the head office in Herford is presently being planned. 


The company is renamed from F. W. Brinkmann GmbH to bugatti GmbH.

Launch of the bugatti womenswear collection.


The children of Wolfgang Brinkmann, Thorsten and Markus, and the children of Klaus Brinkmann, Julius and Lena, become partners of bugatti Holding Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG.

Move into the new administration building at the headquarters Herford.