Made for you.

Made with love.

Made to measure.

tailor-made clothing for individualists

CORPUS LINE by WILVORST is the exclusive and individual made-to-measure collection mady by WILVORST.

There are many good reasons to decide on a custom-made suit. One of the most important is definitely the perfect fit. Forget about jackets that are too slim or trousers that are too wide. The only really comfortable suit is the one which is cut in up-to-date fashion and with the measures of your body precisely taken into account.

CORPUS LINE by WILVORST offers almost unlimited possibilities to get individual suits and makes the customer become a designer himself. He can choose a coloured undercollar, an exclusive lining and inside finish, monogram stitching and a lot of other details to give a distinctive note to his suit.

Discerning men are spoilt for choice, they indulge in luxury and can choose from more than 1.000 precious cloths for their custom-tailored jacket or suit.