Timeless values harmonising with fashionable trends:
EDUARD DRESSLER has meant “finest menswear” – since 1929.

Craftsmanship, elegance, sophistication – the exclusive German menswear brand
EDUARD DRESSLER captivates thanks to its successful combination of traditional values and international trends.


The name
EDUARD DRESSLER has always stood for sophisticated style and masculine elegance achieved through perfect craftsmanship.

The brand’s collections are designed to offer classically elegant style as an integral part of today’s business, after-work and weekend dress codes. Each garment captivates thanks to highest-quality materials, sophisticated details and outstanding finishing, all in keeping with the high art of tailoring.

In addition to official tailoring offering that self-assured business look, casually inspired products –including trousers, chinos, jackets, coats and knitwear – make a convincing fashion statement. A comprehensive selection of stylish shirts, belts, ties, scarves and pocket squares completes the brand’s offering.

Masculine elegance – sometimes interpreted more traditionally, sometimes more casually. For men who know how to combine classic elegance with a contemporary look, in a way that is unmistakably their own.






“A brand must have the self-confidence to be creative while always remaining true to itself.”
Eduard Dressler

Craftsmanship, elegance and sophistication – these three values make the
EDUARD DRESSLER brand extraordinary and unique. These qualities are expressed symbolically by the brand’s graphic mark. This modern, minimalist representation of a traditional hand-sewn stitch pays homage to the high art of tailoring and the company’s deeply rooted values. A visual depiction of our brand’s standards, it transposes into the present the company’s venerable traditions, which date back to the year 1929.

Even today, every
EDUARD DRESSLER product is the result of perfect craftsmanship. After all, the brand’s credo is to lend every product the sophistication, charm, silhouette and quality of a uniquely tailored garment.


The Philosophy

“By looking at a man, you must see that he has achieved something in life. Not overtly, yet at first glance.”
Eduard Dressler

EDUARD DRESSLER, an appreciation of traditional values such as quality, reliability and endurance is combined with an acknowledgment of modern cuts and future trends.

Sophistication and self-assurance go hand in hand with friendship, respect and trust. With uncompromising passion, the brand offers a perfect harmony of masculine elegance, top-drawer quality and sophisticated style. After all, our goal is to delight connoisseurs everywhere.