Washing wool - how to look after your favourite jumper

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  • Published 19. Apr 2023

Silky, soft wool is one of the most delicate materials there is.

Whether cashmere, alpaca or merino wool: wool stores heat and at the same time absorbs moisture. The fine fibres, usually spun from sheep's wool, reliably keep your body warm in cold temperatures and even protect you from moisture. In the summer, wool turns out to be a self-cleaning and temperature-balancing material. However, wool needs to be taken care of properly in order to look good for a long time to come. You are therefore right to ask yourself how it should be washed. We share the best tips on how to maintain your wool clothing's good looks and soft feel for a long time to come.

You should also choose a short and gently spin cycle. A spinning speed of between 600 and 800 is enough to gently spin the wool.

You should also choose your detergent carefully, as not all washing powders or laundry liquids are suitable for wool. Colour and universal alkaline laundry products, for example, can put holes in textiles. Aggressive washing powder is also not suitable for these delicate fibres.

It's a better idea to opt for an eco-detergent with a neutral pH value. Alternatively, baby shampoo protects the fibres equally well. From time to time, you can also use soap or a gentle wool conditioner. Both contain natural wool wax, which strengthens the fibres. They will be more dirt and water repellent afterwards.

Apparently, a vinegar rinse is also effective. Should your favourite green cotton jumper lose its shine, vinegar may revive the colour. Simply add a dash of vinegar when you wash it by hand – and the colours will look like new.

By the way: conditioner and wool are not a good combination. It damages the delicate fibres and makes them lose their elasticity. You wouldn't want clothing that's completely lost its shape, would you?

How to look after wool – tips for different types of wool as well as cotton

Whether alpaca wool, sheep's wool, virgin wool, merino wool or cotton, which shares many characteristics with animal-derived wool: each type of material has special properties. You should therefore look after the delicate wool fibres properly and keep to some basic rules:

How to look after wool

Slightly shiny acrylic wool is easy to care for and best washed at a temperature of 30 degrees.

The hard-wearing fibres of alpaca wool are easy to care for.

Fluffy angora wool should be statically raised again after the wash cycle. You can do this by putting the piece of clothing into a plastic bag and giving it a good shake.

Sophisticated cashmere wool should be washed carefully in the washing machine. A high-quality cashmere jumper should be dried flat.

Merino wool can simply be washed. This type of wool doesn't really absorb sweat and dirt. Alternatively, merino wool can therefore also be dried outdoors.

Caring for mohair wool from angora goats is quite laborious. To take proper care of a piece of clothing made of angora wool, regularly brush it with a special brush after the wash cycle.

Fine camel hair is almost indestructible. This temperature-balancing wool therefore needs no special care.

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