The family-run bugatti GmbH is committed to its duty of care, regardless of whether it is active in business in Germany or internationally. The present code of conduct serves bugatti GmbH as a guideline for a working method which always takes social responsibility into account. Wherever this is possible and economically justifiable, the company will advocate the promotion of the aforementioned goals. The code of conduct is also part of the conditions of the purchase contract and is therefore binding for suppliers and customers.

In this code of conduct, various places refer to the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). These bind and are generally directed at states, not companies. The references should therefore be understood in such a way that the companies orient themselves to the contents, as far as this is possible for a private sector organization. The code of conduct must be displayed in the local languages of the country in question in a clearly visible manner and freely accessible to all employees.

We rely on the use of rapidly renewable raw materials such as the use of stone nut buttons.

We use an article of 98% organic cotton in the pants area.

The proportion of recycled wool is constantly increasing at bugatti. We are doing without more and more new wool.

At one of the most important production locations, we are implementing an ambitious sustainability project with the expert support of the hessnatur foundation and with funding from the German Investment and Development Company DEG. The company in Bosnia, with which bugatti has been cooperating for more than 20 years, will meet demanding social standards at the end of the two-year project term, for example in accordance with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). Parallel to this, the focus will be on waste management. Cut waste is no longer incinerated, but separated according to type and sent for recycling. Until now, there were no recycling structures in Bosnia - these have now been initiated. At the same time, we are working in Germany to avoid cutting waste as far as possible from the outset. Sustainability is possible and realizable, you just have to start.

From the season HW 2020 on, we do without real fur in all product groups.
Our contribution to animal welfare.

From the HW 2020 season on, we are dispensing with down in all product groups.
Our contribution to animal welfare.

Through advanced technology in the field of denim washing, we significantly reduce the use of chemicals in the wet processes.

By using recycled pocket linings and denim fabrics that are produced with less water, as well as the latest washing machines from
Jeanologia we reduce the water demand.

By using innovative washing processes in the denim wash, such as ozone washing technology, we reduce the energy consumption.

By using the latest outer materials made of recycled PET, we make our contribution to waste avoidance.